lectures and classes


Zara offers regularly inspirational seminars, classes, workshops and lectures on filmmaking and cinematography.
She talks about her own experience as a cinematographer and filmmaker since 13 years, from a very practical point of view and introduces in her classes the work of female, queer-feminist, Black & of Color artists, photographers, cinematographers and filmmakers that inspired her and who produced outstanding work. She teaches what she herself was missing during most of the years she learned about arts and film.



This class follows questions for how to choose your images for your documentary film project as a director and DP, how to find your individual specific visual language, how to find ideas and inspirations, how to technically translate them into your image composition, and how others have done it. We look at the works of Maya Deren, Forough Farokhzad, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Trịnh Thị Minh Hà, Kim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Tali Shemesh, Carmen Losmann, Annie Leibovitz and others.


CINEMATOGRAPHY BASIC CLASS PART I & II @ filmArche | 2015 – to date

The Cinematography Basic Class I & II teaches everything from the beginnings of the development of film as a cultural language to now, looking at technical mechanics of a camera and lenses, such as physical parameters between aperture, focal length, shutter speed, image composition, aspect ratios, camera movements, and discusses and gives an inside to the work of DPs like Matthew Libatique, Ava Berkofsky, Rachel Morrison, Bradford Young, Ellen Kuras, Rodrigo Prieto, Robby Müller, Judith Kaufmann and others.