Khoshbakhti (Happiness)

Khoshbakhti (Happiness)


Germany | 2015 | 6′ | experimental short


“I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year in 2014. The New Year can be or may become joyful if we can see the moments of our life with inner eyes. One cannot define ‘happiness’; instead, it lies before us. But only for a glimpse, for a moment. Then it continues on. One cannot take hold of it, rather it is something one can taste.”


Amir, an electrical engineer by trade, has engaged with philosophical texts after the 1979 revolution in Iran. For the New Year he wrote greeting to his friends and clients. But what does it mean that happiness cannot be defined? What does it mean that happiness is fleeting and can only be tasted? Are these mere poetic, playful thoughts or do they contain something that may help us perhaps to get a taste of happiness? In this essayistic, experimental short film we enter into the speaker’s intellectual world. It emerges as lively and reflective, and, in its depths, also as a very moving place.



Director, Cinematographer, Editor  |  Zara Zandieh
Sound Design, Music, Re-Recordingn Mixer | Azadeh Zandieh



2019 „Short Films by Persian Female Filmmakers“ at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art , curated by Dr Azadeh Fatehrad + Q&A with Professor Griselda Pollock, supported by School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.
2017 „Jene Tage“ (Those Days) Film and lecture series in relation to Iran @ Topkino Wien & Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien curated by the Golden Pixel Cooperative
2016 achtung berlin, short film competition “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg” (Berlin, Germany)
2015 world premiere, DokLeipzig, German competition for short documentaries and animations (Leipzig, Germany)