zara zandieh
cinematography & filmmaking
Fragments of Ava
under construction

My contribution UNDER CONSTRUCTION (video-installation, 2:08’ ) was exhibited in:
2015 Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin/ Germany)
2014 Sherman Gallery Boston University (Boston/ USA)
2014 Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery (Boston/ USA)
2014 Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City/ Mexico)
2013 Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan (Bangalore/ India)
2013 Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź/ Poland)
2013 Lumiar Cité (Lisbon/ Portugal)
2013 Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv/ Israel)
Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit/ Labour in a single shot
a project with Antje Ehmann & Harun Farocki
Was sagst Du dazu?

(Germany 2015, 1:00')
Cinema-Clip for LesMigraS, LGBTI NGO Berlin
Positions: Co-Directing, Camera, Editor
Khoshbakhti (Happiness)
“I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year in 2014. The New Year can be or may become joyful if we can see the moments of our life with inner eyes. One cannot define ‘happiness’; instead, it lies before us. But only for a glimpse, for a moment. Then it continues on. One cannot take hold of it, rather it is something one can taste.”

(Germany 2015, 6')
Experimental short about happiness.
Positions: concept, cinematography, editing
(Germany 2012, 2:08')
Video piece in the framework of an exhibition project called "Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit" hold and supervised by Antje Ehmann & Harun Farocki.
Positions: conception, cinematography, editing
(Germany 2012, 12:24')
Shortfilm about a woman, a sex worker and an (almost) ordinary working day.
Positions: script, directing, cinematography
Amir, an electrical engineer by trade, has engaged with philosophical texts after the 1979 revolution in Iran. For the New Year he wrote greeting to his friends and clients. But what does it mean that happiness cannot be defined? What does it mean that happiness is fleeting and can only be tasted? Are these mere poetic, playful thoughts or do they contain something that may help us perhaps to get a taste of happiness? In this essayistic, experimental short film we enter into the speaker’s intellectual world. It emerges as lively and reflective, and, in its depths, also as a very moving place.
NACHTEULEN (pre-production)

Meeting Ava (working title) (pre-production)

"So, what's with happiness?" (working title)/ (post-production)
Dragons in Gardens - DIAMOND (Official Music Video)

"Dragons in Gardens" is a magical songwriter/producer duo
consisting of dragons @6zm and @amikimworld.

(Germany 2016, 4,50')
Music video for DRAGONS IN GARDENS
Positions: concept, cinematography, editing

Was screened in the York-Cinema-Group in Berlin, fsk cinema Berlin, Sputnik cinema Berlin and on various other occasions. NGO networking, etc.
"Such a strange time it is my dear.."
Mira Habibi aka Zara Zandieh
(Germany 2007, 79', Farsi with english subtitles)
Positions: script, directing, cinematography, editing
(Germany 2006, 36', Farsi with English subtitles)
Positions: script, directing, cinematography, editing
"..we must hide our lights in dark closets.", Ahmad Shamloo wrote this line in July 1979 as part of a poem from which the film title was taken. During the revolution in Iran all six protagonists were involved with feminist and left wing politics. After the prohibition of many political opposition groups they were forced to keep their gatherings secret and continue working underground. In the 80s during the brutal cleanup by the Islamists they fled through different routes to West-Berlin. The interviewees talk about their idea of political work, the revolution, sexuality and migration.
close-distance is based on the memories and experiences of three women who live in Berlin and who migrated from Iran to Germany between the 1960s and 1980s.
The interviewed women are telling stories of different moments in their lives and of their perspectives and feelings towards the places they lived and are living now.
2015 Merlinka Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)
2013 Pornfilm Festival (Berlin, Germany)
2013 International Short Film Festival Detmold (Detmold, Germany)
2013 San Francisco Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival (San Francisco, USA)
2013 Filmmor Women’s Film Fest (Istanbul, Turkey)
2012 International Queer Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany)
2012 world premier on Sex Work Film Festival/ SAFF (Hamburg, Germany)
2016 achtung berlin (Berlin, Germany), short film competition “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg”
2015 world premiere, DokLeipzig (Leipzig, Germany) German competition for short documentaries and animations