Notes on the Trilogy of the interspatiality of love

Notes on the Trilogy of the interspatiality of love

Germany| 2016 | 10’45“ | Languages: Italian, English, German | Subtitles: English & German | BW | FullHD | 1.37 :1 | DCP


A director is left alone with his film. He (re)collects the notes, the memories, the scenes, the places, the images, the sounds of “the trilogy of the interspatiality of love”. Distance and detachment take over. Disacknowledgement. How do we cope with something that once was ours? This isn’t a trilogy anymore.


Director, Production, Screenplay, Editor | Davide Crivelli
Story | Jonathan Bortolotti
Director of Photography | Zara Zandieh
Location Sound, DIT, Postpro Supervisor | Alex Töchterle
Sounddesign & Music | Stefano Mori
Gaffer & 1. AC | Tina Guckenhan

Created at filmArche e.V.
Film funded through VISION BAKERY.




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2016 Shortlisted on the Thess International Short Film Festival Thessaloniki (Greece)
2016 Backup_Festival Weimar (Germany)
2016 Tuzla Film Festival Tuzla (Bosnia)
2016 Perlen vor die Säue – Kurzfilme aus der filmArche Lichtblick Kino Berlin (Germany)