What is love? What is the relation between the heart and the brain? What are their functions and connections?
This video performance explores the science and physics of the body, the correspondence between heart and brain, visiting struggles and normative ideas of what love is as a concept.


A bathtub in the middle of the of 3 x 3 room. A breathing statue is sitting inside of it taking a bath. The video is projected on a white canvas which is covering the living statue. In order to see the video the audience has to get closer to the bathtub. The intimate act of taking a bath becomes a common experience in which universal and familiar matters of the heart are shared through watching and observing other people’s heart stories on the body of a breathing statue/ on someone else’s body. The video is running in a loop.


Performers | Rima Najdi & Señorita Sinsirlia
Voice overs | Caio Soares, Della Saba, Kathy Alberici
Script | Rima Najdi & Zara Zandieh
Directors | Rima Najdi & Zara Zandieh
Art dressing & costumes | Rima Najdi
Camera & Editing |  Zara Zandieh