Break Up in 9 Scenes

Break Up in 9 Scenes


Germany | 2019 | 15′ | experimental short



This is our documentary, it is about you and me. One day after you disappeared, after you sent that break-up message, I made you this video letter. A day after the military took power. In a matter of a day, you and I lost us, and we all lost a revolution. I am not angry, I am disappointed. But how does one live disappointment? What is the physical action associated with disappointment? Anger is much easier. Sadness is much easier. Hatred is the easiest. But I don’t hate you. You are too innocent to hate. We were too innocent to win. It is life.



Ramón Manas Jarmil
Maria Mitsopoulou



Written & Director| Leil-Zahra Mortada
Production | Leil-Zahra Mortada, Rima Najdi & Salma Rafiq-Hayat
Director of Photography | Zara Zandieh
Location Sound | Gizem Oruç
Editor| Katharina Voss
Original Score and Sound Design|Kathy Alberici


FESTIVALS / AWARDS (selection)


SOURA FILM FEST (Berlin, Germany)
Bangalore Queer Film Festival (Bangalore, India)
International Queer & Migrant Film Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

WINNER of KIMFF, Košice International Monthly Film Festival (Košice, Slovakia)