zara zandieh
cinematography & filmmaking
LOVE & FEAR (2016)
The Gold, The Curtain & The Queer (2015)
Photo by ©Mehmet Can Koçak
Queerness is not only a sexual identity. Queerness is an umbrella of culture identities, many selfs, class, gender, and race. Queerness comes from a social movement and struggle organized by marginalized people with low income in the gay community: drag queens, representatives of the transgender community, effeminate young men, male prostitutes, and homeless youth. The participants of the 27th issue of Kiez-Monatsschau, together with the performance artist Rima Najdi and the filmmaker Zara Zandieh, develop their own queer perspectives in order to take a closer look at what queer is beyond identities and maps of gender, sexuality and borders. They invite us to look at family histories, pop-cultures, experiences with war, religion, class, various languages, sexuality, bodies and gender(ed) selves. They cross the borders and frames of these boxes, dismantle them, create irritation within them and beyond.
QUEERNESS IS NOT yet here. Queerness is an ideality. Put another way, we are not yet queer. We have never been queer, yet queerness exists for us as an identity that can be distilled from the past and used to imagine a future.
Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity - Jose Esteban Muñoz

Workshop by Rima Najdi & Zara Zandieh in collaboration with Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
“Love and pain somehow function in similar ways: they do not give us a break, absorbing all of our attention. They each become our inner and outer landscapes, our identity. We possess them and become possessed, using similar terms for both:
We look for cure, or a way out, speak of oblivion, rest or panic, even death”
Etel Adnan
In The Heart of The Heart of Another Country
Fear & Love is a video-performance workshop created around emotions, which Rima and Zara consider as constructed through society.
We will look at these two universal emotions, how they tackle each individual differently, how society constructs them, how they are used and instrumentalized in political discussions to hide or feed judgements and believes about the other and the self and what it does to our bodies, souls and minds.

Both fear & love are political, critical, and directly related to us. Both are entangled with the societies we live(d) in and global politics. We will tackle them by using strategies of performance and learning about video performance styles by using single shot techniques.

We ask our participants to bring images and articles from magazines & newspapers, gifts, objects and creepy teddy bears, to the workshop to then investigate ‘our inner and outer landscapes’. By the end of the workshop each participant will produce a 1-2
minutes video-performance made in a single shot on their interpretation of fear and love.

We will fear to love, and love to fear. Everybody is Welcome! The workshop will be held in English.
Workshop by Rima Najdi & Zara Zandieh in collaboration with Gender Sender
Photo by © Rima Najdi
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